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One of the things that we appreciate is the blogging community and their work as citizen journalists. Click on the blog site name to be read the entire article. Here are a few of the most recent posts:

Hot off the Press!

Soothe your baby through massage


Baby's First Year Matters

The first year: what every parent needs to know about developmental milestones


Aimee's Babies Review and Giveaway!


Pediatric Occupational Therapy Tips

“This DVD is wonderful resource for parents who want to promote their little one’s social, emotional, and physical development.”
–Dr. Anne Zachary

Notes from a Pediatric Occupational Therapist

“After watching Aimee's Babies First Year Milestones and Aimee's Babies Baby Massage DVDs, I still believe that it is important to not get too caught up in the milestone race, however these DVDs are a great resource for parents and therapists alike. Let me tell you why...”


Occupational Therapy Notes

“The Aimee's Babies DVDs would be helpful for new parents in learning more about development and appropriate ways to interact with your child. I think that the developmental DVD should be a prerequisite to learning the massage, so giving both together would be a good idea.”


Diary of a Working Mom

“It will tell you all you need to know about your child’s sensory learning, milestones to look for, and even developmental exercises that you can do with your child. This DVD has won praise from child care specialists, pediatricians, and everyone in between, so I was thrilled to get the opportunity to review it along with the Aimee’s Babies Baby Massage DVD”.


Tots and Plans

“Aimee wants all parents to be as informed as they can be through all of the steps their baby goes through while developing in their first year.”


What People are saying!

It’s always so nice when people take the time to share their feedback with us. We realize how important it is that we are listening so we can continue to improve upon the products and services we provide!

“Just read your article and was interested in digging further into your webpage Aimees Babies. WOW ! What a fabulous site and exceptional service you are providing to parents and professionals. I am an Early Interventionist since 1985 and I absolutely loved how your information reflects what I have been teaching parents (and other professionals) for years. I love how you have incorporated these "activities" if you will into your blog advice, into your site, your dvds etc. I will definitely be purchasing love notes, and the videos to be able to use in my practice with the children I work with. I am 1 of 19 Infant and Child Development Consultants in my program, so I plan on sharing these materials with my colleagues. Thank you for wanting to share your expertise, experiences and wisdom with professionals and more importantly with parents.”
Thanks again,
Julie Kent Sr.
Infant and Child Development Consultant

by Dannypc
“This is a great app! It is so easy to use and so informational! The video is really high quality and professionally done. The strokes are great for my baby and she loves the massage. I would highly recommend this to new parents. Massage is so good for babies! It helps calm my baby when she is fussy. Great app!!”

“As a pediatrician, I wish every parent would take the time to educate themselves about their child’s development. With the incidence of autism spectrum disorders on the rise, it is more important than ever for parents to be vigilant and proactive. Aimee’s Babies First Year Milestones DVD is not a substitute for your child’s needs, but provides developmental education in a simple easy-to-understand format.”
-Vinitha Moopen
M.D. Pediatrician

“Proper visual development as an infant is important to fostering a child’s intellectual ability. Aimee’s Babies provides
important suggestions to parents encouraging proper visual stimulation and development, a great way to start a
newborn’s life.”
-Amy M. Desmond
Developmental Optometrist

“As an early childhood education educator and trainer of practitioners, it is wonderful to see somethign like this geared
toward infants. This is frequently an age group that gets neglected from a developmental standpoint beyond major
milestones. Aimee’s DVD is clear, instructional, and very easy to understand!”
-Anna Skamangas
ECE College Instructor

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