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Aimee's Toddlers DVD

Just when you think you have the baby thing figured out, your baby becomes a toddler! As those of you with toddlers know, it's suddenly a whole new game. It seems as if their motor skills are developing a lot faster then their cognitive skills and they are just running, jumping and climbing and they have no idea where they are going or why. This DVD will help you to understand this new little person living in your home and give you some of the tools to give them the best start possible.

Aimee's Toddlers will introduce you to toddler yoga, a very simple yoga program you can do with your toddler to help harness some of that energy and build on important developmental skills.

Aimee's toddlers will provide information to:

  • Build gross motor skills for running, and catching and throwing a ball
  • Build balance skills for going up and down steps, hopping and climbing
  • Build fine motor skills for handwriting, coloring, and cutting with scissors
  • Build oral motor skills for speech
  • Build self care skills for getting dressed
  • Build body awareness for coordination
  • Prepare children for preschool by learning numbers and letters
  • Prepare children for early sport activities

Watch a clip from the DVD:

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