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Listening to music is great for brain development since both sides of the brain are active in processing music. is helps to form the corpus callosum - which connects the two sides of the brain. Studies also show that listening to music is beneficial for the development of balance, logic, math, reasoning and problem-solving skills. Babies are born with very good hearing and can even hear in utero.

Tips for hearing development:

  • Read to your baby; encourage him to look at the pictures and help you turn the pages.
  • Provide as much music with varying sounds, pitches and rhythm as you can.
  • Studies show that babies prefer mother’s voice to any other sound. Calm baby by talking to him.
  • Sing to your baby as much as possible.
  • Help baby link two senses together by associating sound and vision. Allow baby to play with toys that also make noise,such as rattles and musical instruments.
  • Talk to baby often so that they learn to process language and begin to understand the flow of a conversation.

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